What are you holding in?

I was so honored this weekend to have had the chance to engage with some folks who have made the courageous decision to put their offer out in to the world.  One is an old friend who has decided to move her jewelry making business out of her basement into a studio, where people can regularly see (and buy) what she is creating.  The other is someone I have known for years who has decided to translate her passion for education into action by stepping into a school board race. Both very public acts of ‘being in the arena’.   

The world’s axis will not change as a result of the steps these women have taken. However, both of them have decided that who they are and what they do can make difference in the world. Neither are likely to address global concerns – we will still have people who go to bed hungry at night and wars breaking out around the globe. But in their own sphere of influence, they are making a difference. One is taking damaged, antique jewelry and remaking it into something beautiful.  (Don’t you love the methaphor that arises with this!)  The other has decided that now is the time for her to use her decades of experience to ensure that the kids in her community continue to get what they need to succeed.

More importantly, these women have decided that they can no longer stay underground, holding in the talents they embody.  And the changes that occur within them, ripple out into the world to the benefit of us all.  Is there something you are holding in, that is bursting at the seams to get out?  Let it out!  We are hungry for it!

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