The Way we Connect

Physical connection is only one way in which we humans engage and communicate our intentions and emotions.  Often, the intensity and energy of our connection is a function of the ‘moment at hand’ – are we waltzing, or doing a tango?  The ease with which we perform this dance is determined by the quality of our practice.  This is true not only on the dance floor, but in our relationships with each other, ourselves, and the world.

Any time we coordinate action with someone, we do it through ‘conversation’.  This can be in the form of verbal communication or by using other signs and signals – our bodies, our energy.  Whether we are using our blinker to indicate we are changing lanes in the highway, use our arms to give our dance partner subtle physical cues about which direction we are headed, or use language that is respectful or harsh, these all can convey the message we desire if done well.   

Understanding the role of the body in expressing our hopes and intentions requires an awareness of our bodies that very few of us exhibit.  How we carry ourselves and physically move in the world conveys much more than most of us consciously consider. Learning about our bodies and understanding the connections between our physical self and our emotional self can be of great service to us, particularly when this learning allows us design a tomorrow that is different from today.

So as I am learning to be a better dancer, I am working on being a more conscious observer of how I show up to the dance, and the messages I am receiving and giving to my partner. 



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