The Surprise When

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you realize you’ve stepped in to your strength.

There must be something cooking with the universe at the moment. The number of clients who have shared stories recently of how they have boldly conveyed who they are and what they bring to the world is kind of shocking. These are folks of various ages, from all walks of life. But 100% of them expressed real surprise at what was revealed – a person of great capacity, value and potential. It was like they had decided to just run with, “Hey, this is what I’m bringing” and ended up seeing themselves in a whole different light. A big light, with all sorts of new possibilities.

This made me curious about what leads up to our decision to be vulnerable and expose our true selves to others. I think it is a combination of pain and fatigue. We determine that whatever happens as a result of taking that brave move, can’t be any worse than what we are experiencing right now. So we take the leap and then, VIOLA, people said, “Well, that is awesome!”, “You are just what our organization needs.” “I’ve been looking for someone just like you!”

Kind of makes you wonder what we are missing when we decide to bring only our ‘Holiday letter ‘ version of ourselves to an engagement or relationship. You know, that persona that has things rolling flawlessly along on all cylinders. People are suspicious of that version of us and can’t connect because this isn’t their experience.

Unwrap yourself and come on out of the box. Not only does the world need what only YOU can bring, but it will be the best gift you give yourself.

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