Speaking ourselves into the World



I have been exploring the power of mantras and intentions lately and came across this wonderful statement. It sort of felt like the universe dropped it in my lap and so I am turning it into a daily intention and plan to see how things unfold.

“May I have a loving, willing heart today”

“May I move about with ease and gentleness”

“May I let go of that which no longer serves me”

These seem to be good goals for me to pursue. I like my chances of having the universe align to help me see the results of my efforts.

I believe we can speak ourselves into the world. Declarations, mantras, whatever you want to call these kinds of generative statements, are unique in that the word comes first and the “world” follows. Declarations are speech acts in which the speaker – out of nothingness – brings forth a new world of possibilities, a new way of seeing things, a new playing field on which to play. Think of John Kennedy’s declaration

“We choose to go to the Moon”

Most of us won’t be making those kinds of statements, but everyday declarations can still be powerful tools when we want to take charge of how we experience our day to day lives.

I am a courageous, caring co-worker

I am worthy of love and belonging

I ask for what I need

These are just a few examples of declarations that we can bring forth when we need them. I have been witness to the power they hold to quickly shift us from a mood of fear, or anger, or despair to one of confidence and self satisfaction. Is there a declaration waiting to be put out in the world, by you?


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