Seeing the Good at the Moment it Happens

imageBy 7:10 am today, my schedule had already been jumbled. Confusion relative to the time for a coaching call resulted in my having some open time, so I seized the opportunity to head to my favorite local coffee shop. In honor of Earth Day, they were giving away thermal reusable cups if you bought a pound of coffee. I grabbed my book and headed over. As I searched for a place to park myself, my iPad, latte, coffee, new cup, etc., this really nice man offered to share his small table with me. We chatted briefly and before he left, he gave me his NY Times and bid me a lovely day. Smiles all around!

At that moment, the idea of ‘choosing kindness’ came to mind. I have the very good fortune of gathering monthly with a group of thoughtful friends to explore and discuss a wide range of ideas. Last night we met and exchanged perspectives on what it means to be kind.  The mist of that discussion was still with me this morning and before 8:00 I experienced an act of kindness that required relatively little except the intention of choosing it. This nice fellow saw an opportunity to be kind and I decided to open my eyes to seeing it. And with this little act, my heart was filled. So easy and yet so important to shifting from what is wrong with the world to all the wonders associated with what is good.

One thought on “Seeing the Good at the Moment it Happens

  1. Love this! Acts of kindness take conscious effort both to initiate as well as to recognize one when its happening to you. And if course I love a good latte as well.

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