My Own Reminder:-)

About a month ago I sent our old home videos off to this company (iMemories) that digitizes them, since we no longer have a piece of electronics that will play a VHS tape.  I received the digital version yesterday and am working very hard not to spend every waking moment viewing them.

This morning I watched the video of our oldest son as he swam the 500 freestyle event at the State Swim Finals in Madison, 11 years ago.  He was a very good swimmer, seeded second in this event, with his nemesis from a neighboring school seeded first in the lane next to him.  Needless to say, I was a wreck during the race.  I remember seeing only bits and pieces of the actual event because I was so nervous I kept putting my head down, then up, then closing my eyes…you get the picture.  When I turned the video on this morning, I was transported back to those very moments.  I felt the same excitement and anxiety, with all of the associated body sensations that accompanied those emotions for me – electricity in my chest, increased breathing and heart rate, numbness in my arms.  This happened inspite of the fact that I actually already knew the outcome of the race!

I thought it was pretty cool that I had just written a blog last night about the ways in which our bodies talk to us and here I was having an experience which demonstrated that very thing for me.  Another interesting awareness for me is that I have been unable to wipe the smile off of my face since I watched it.  Clue to Kim –  get the day off to a good start by deliberately engaging in something that makes me happy.

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