My Method

My Method

Each of us is unique, with different aspirations and challenges. I draw from a wide range of resources and expertise in order to help people decide what to try based on what’s the best fit for them. My strong desire to continuously learn and more deeply understand the human condition allows me to  stay up-to-date on new and more effective approaches.

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My primary focus when working with you is to enhance your understanding of how you see the world and thus behave in it. This kind of self awareness positions you to:

  • make choices that are right for you – setting the stage for success, fulfillment and happiness
  • develop skills, habits and practices that get you the results you desire
  • create actionable strategies for achieving specific personal or professional goals
  • wake up each morning knowing you are headed into a day filled with experiences that are connected to that which you care most deeply about

My approach when helping you go from where you are now to where you want to be includes a series of essential steps. It is rare that anyone follows a linear path on this journey, as new learning often requires re-evaluating goals.  Most coaching engagements involve: 


The initial phase of our time together is spent clarifying your concerns and goals and then creating a vision of what you wish to move toward.


Through the use of thought-provoking questions and honest feedback, I help you examine beliefs and habits that may be getting in your way and illuminate the unique strengths and skills you already embody

Development and Learning

Each coaching conversation will involve exercises, reflections or activities that enhance your growth and self-awareness. Depending on your goals and focus, this will:

◊ produce new competencies and skills that will carry on through your life

◊ motivate you to modify current habits or patterns of behavior that do not serve you

◊ expand your awareness of ‘how you show up in the world’ and its impact on the results you get

◊ create supportive practices that nourish you throughout each day


You will emerge from our conversations with actions to take and new practices for building skills and self-observation. We will continually reconnect with your coaching goals to assure that the path you thought you wanted to take is still the direction you are headed.


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“One of the greatest sources of human suffering is that we look at our assessments as ‘the way things are’ vs. simply as our opinion or perspective at any given moment” -Julio Olalla