Even if you have worked with a coach before, you may be wondering what to expect.  As your learning partner, my commitment to you is to: 

  • Provide a supportive, confidential and enjoyable environment in which to explore your areas of concern and reveal possibilities for new actions
  • View your well-being as my number one priority at all times
  • Help you expand what you are able to see in order to learn new skills and tap more deeply into who you are and what you have to offer
  • Hold the coaching conversations needed to inspire and motivate you, while keeping you on track toward your goals. The emphasis of our coaching relationship is on action, accountability and follow through  


As a certified coach and facilitator, I offer a range of options designed to meet your unique needs:



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One on One Coaching


When we work together in a one-one-one relationship, I will ask questions, offer distinctions and invite new ways of seeing and interpreting what you are experiencing. Whether we work together once or over many sessions, you will experience my authentic commitment to your wellbeing at all times.


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Group and Team Coaching



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Leadership Development


The presence of an authentic leader is an invitation to join in something that is ennobling, that is greater and more worthwhile. I have been helping leaders and teams in the healthcare industry become more agile, responsive and innovative for years. I can help you develop tools and practices that will

  • enhance your leadership presence
  • improve your ability to align your words, actions and emotions
  • support your efforts to build trust in your relationships
  • allow you to see the world differently in order to expand your awareness of what is possible

If you or your team are experiencing breakdowns or barriers that prevent you from being successful and happy in your work, I can help. Contact me so that we can customize a coaching plan that will get your where you want to go!


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Conversation Facilitation Services


Whether within an organization or personal relationship, there are times when it is useful to have an outside party facilitate important conversations. This is particularly true when the stakes are high and emotions have the potential to prevent the most productive conversations from occurring.



Following exploratory meetings and interviews designed to determine the heart of the matter and clarify goals, we will co-create a plan that will serve as the platform for successfully moving forward.



I will facilitate the face to face conversations that need to occur in order to identify the possibilities and barriers to achieving your goals based on what those involved care most deeply about, believe is possible and are willing to commit to.

Participants will experience my commitment to:

  • engagement by all involved
  • keeping the meeting focused and on track
  • resolving conflicts and building consensus
  • constructive action


A customized written report may be provided at the end of the engagement if desired. Presentations to other stakeholders is also available.


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 “Development is always a matter of transcending some earlier way of knowing and including it in a newer, more complex way of knowing.”  -Bill Drath and Ellen Van Velsor