Encouragement from Mother Nature


If you are living in Wisconsin right now and you aren’t deeply grateful for this amazing fall weather we have been having, you should move. There is something about this time of the year that brings an abundance of appreciation from us Midwesterners. For the perfect temperature and the exquisite way in which the sun falls lightly on everything. For the crisp, star-filled evenings. For the hint of color on the leaves. We await the brilliance of the foliage over the next month. All of us know what is coming, and that is part of what encourages us to fully enjoy what is happening in this moment. Mother Nature providing an opportunity to be present.

Reminders of the importance of appreciating the now come more frequently as we age. Time speeds up. Important people in our life move on. The impermanence of everything is regularly obvious. For some, this initiates an effort to cling to what remains, a curious response considering the reality of what is occurring all around us. For others, this offers a shot at a kind of freedom that didn’t seem available in those early years. The freedom to explore new territory, step out of the expected, embrace fully and publicly all that you love. To stop worrying about what other people think or doing the ‘right’ thing.

Regardless of your age, if it fills you up, do it. Don’t wait.

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