Being Brave and Afraid at the Same Time

Remember the first time you did something?  Drove a car, asked someone out on a date, interviewed for a job?  These were things you stepped into doing without any prior experience, and it took guts to do it. You probably researched, practiced and rehearsed and finally got to the point where you had to take that leap of faith and just go for it.  Do you remember what you felt at that moment?  Fear?  Excitement?Anxiety?  I am betting that regardless of the outcome of your brave move, afterwards you were proud of yourself.  “I did this and I’m still alive!” (Full disclosure – on the day I got my driver’s license, I almost offed myself at an intersection at the end our our street.  I still remember it like it was yesterday and truly meant it when I said “I’m still alive!”)

Moving toward uncertainty will always be scary.  As a result, many of us tend to stay in a comfort zone where we know we have a certain level of competence and experience.  “Oh, I know how to do this.  I have done it a hundred times before.  This is the process…” This may work most of the time but the world around us continually changes and will regularly throw us curve balls that upset the expected routine.

For most of us, not knowing is a show stopper.  We believe we have to take another class, investigate this more, wait until someone shows us the way.  The problem with that is that there is always more to know.  At some point we must decide either to move forward anyway or stand still and hold our breath, hoping that nothing untoward arises.  One path opens up a sea of possibilities for us – and it isn’t the standing still option.

What is scarier?  Working hard to stay safe, worrying about what will happen if something comes out of left field to shove you off your path?  Or continuously leaning into that fear edge, keeping yourself sharp and reminding your body what it feels like to be a little afraid?  This will help keep you from getting thrown off course when that meteor hits right next to you.  

Most of us would rather be in position of creating our future instead of being a victim of it.  Consider the vision you have for yourself over the coming years.  Are you hesitating or generating?


PS: My experience has been that REALLY AMAZING THINGS ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE LEDGE! Check it out!


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