Wanting to learn new skills and ways of engaging with others in order to achieve greater success at work and home?

Dissatisfied with your work or personal life and wondering what steps you need to take to find greater happiness?

At a place of transition in a relationship or career and unclear about what you want or how to find out?


Whether you are at a crossroads or simply feel there has to be something more –



Making a decision to change can be overwhelming and that’s where I come in. When we work together, you will receive the encouragement and support needed to move toward your hoped-for future. Your confidence in managing roadblocks and detours will grow as you practice new ways of aligning your actions with your goals.




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Words from Clients 

As I traveled along my journey to being a better leader, Kim helped me appreciate all that I embody already and made me realize that what the organization needed most was for me to be myself, not try to fit into some mold. Her patient support as she coached me through some very challenging situations helped me establish a more centered focus, allowing me to bring my best self to my work and at home.
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  "What you are is what you have been, and what you will be is what you do now.” The Buddha