What we Notice

I took this picture the other morning when I was walking my dog.  I walk the same path every day and on this particular day, I was confronted with this beautiful scene.  The sun was shining in such a way as to make these tall grasses almost look like they were on fire!  I even let out a quiet, “Oh”.

This prairie grass is there every day.  On this day, because the light was shining just so, they were revealing themselves as something different than what I saw every other day. The shimmering nature of these plants caused me to take a closer look, and as a result, I was able to appreciate features that I had never noticed before.

As we enter into the fall season, the sun seems to shine on us and our surroundings in ways that allow us to ‘see’ things differently – in a different light -but only if we have our eyes open to it.  This coming week, try to be attentive to the beauty in someone or something that you encounter every day.  If you find you are having trouble with that, see what happens if you serve as the light that is shining on them.


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