The Universe is Expanding – Get on Board!

Over the past few months, I have heard a number of reports relating to our ‘expanding universe’. Last week I listened to an interview with a scientist who studies these things and found what he said fascinating, until I couldn’t really follow what he was saying anymore….  But what I did glean from his discussion was that the universe has been expanding from the moment of its creation. (Hmmm…sounds familiar)  I found that to be both cool and scary at the same time.

It did get me thinking though about the choices we all have to make about our own personal universe. Every day we get to decide whether or not to nurture its expansion or simply let it stay static, or even retract.  Do we push ourselves to try something new, or stay with what is safe? Do we resist an urge to tell someone we love them, or keep it to ourselves because of some fear about the response?

Increasingly I have had a sense of urgency and excitement around pursuing things I am curious about. I’m not so old that I believe that the end is near and thus I better hurry and get to it, but I do have a real appreciation for the fragility of life so maybe that’s a bit of it.  What I find though is that when I take time to notice, what I see are multitudes of amazing things going on in the world that I could find fulfillment in learning about and partaking in. And while I can create lots of varied stories about how my daily obligations and current commitments prevent me from stepping toward those things that spark my interest and sound worth exploring, more and more I am asking myself, ‘WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???” 

What’s your answer?

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