The Power of Reframing

We are currently in the midst of some remodeling and as a result, our house is in a state of upheaval. I don’t mind the mess really, because I know it is temporary and will ultimately give way to something wonderful.  In addition, I am extremely fortunate to have two talented friends working with us on this. These are folks I trust unequivocally to help turn our living space into something of beauty.

It has occurred to me that this project is actually somewhat of a metaphor for those times in our lives when we know we would like something to change, be different, but can’t paint the picture of what that looks like.  For instance, I know that I am not gifted with the ability to look at physical space in a house and create a vision for it being something other than what it already is. Or to see how changing a frame can turn a piece of art into something amazingly different. Thankfully, my friends have exquisite talents in this regard – so I asked them for assistance! In essence I am saying to them, “Help me look at this differently.  Is there another way to envision this?”

When you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, does asking for help to reframe your situation ever enter your mind as a viable option?  Is there a tape playing in your head that says you “should be able to handle this yourself” or “I’ll look like a fool if I ask for help”? Is that serving you well?  

If you are struggling with a problem that you can’t seem to get our from under, despite your most gallant efforts, try reaching out to someone you trust and ask them to help you reimagine your concern. Rather than accept a situation as ‘unchangeable’, perhaps a look through a different window will help you see possibilities that were previously outside your field of vision.  If you are hesitating to do this, ask yourself ‘what’s the cost of not reaching out’?  

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