Noticing What’s been Hidden


Here in the midwest, most of the leaves are off the trees, providing access to some amazing images and sounds. I no longer need to wait until the sun reaches a certain height in the sky to revel in its magnificence. The birds and animals who hang around in winter provide color and auditory contrast to the more stark seasonal backdrop. I get the opportunity to see what has been hidden from us during the other seasons.

The picture here is one I took on a recent morning walk. I heard these two before I saw them and was delighted when they let me take their picture. I wish I knew why, but I am enamored with raptors, especially hawks and owls. To me, they have almost mystical qualities that I greatly admire. They have an enviable ability to effortlessly catch the wind as they glide along. Their vision is exquisite, allowing them to see very small things from a significant distance. And I absolutely love the sounds they make, especially owls. 

Owls are easier to notice in winter, as I walk in the early morning darkness. I wouldn’t know to look for one without hearing its eerie, awesome call. Most of the time they are perched on an electrical line and sit completely still as my dog and I walk past, except for the rotation of their head (which is creepy and cool at the same time). It’s like they are saying, “I see you. I am keeping tabs on you. I am not bothered by you because I am confident and comfortable with my own power.”

Okay, maybe I just answered my question about why I love owls…


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