Dancing – A metaphor for life

I have always loved to dance! Alone, with a partner or a group – it doesn’t matter.  Dancing brings me joy, allowing me to feel a sense of freedom from the boundaries that exist in our day to day engagement with others.

I am struck by how this can so easily be seen as a metaphor for life itself.  This only became apparent to me recently, as a result of an endeavor I decided to pursue.  Let me tell you about it…

Often when driving, I listen to music I like.  Music has always been able to shift my mood, most often in a positive direction, and I have actually started being more deliberate about using this as a strategy to turn a sour mood into a lighter one.  While driving one day, jumping around in my seat listening to some great tunes, I had this thought, “If I suddenly received a bad diagnosis – was told that I had a short time to live – I would arrange to dance with a great dance partner on a regular basis.”  Quickly I realized the absurdity of that statement, since life is a terminal condition and we aren’t guaranteed anymore moments beyond the one we have right now.

So, I contacted this terrific dance instructor that I know and proposed that we spend time together, just dancing.  I asked if I could bring my own music and with fingers crossed he said, “Of course!”  He was intrigued but not surprised when I shared my motivation for taking this step

     – to be involved in something I love

     – and hopfully learn something along the way

I haven’t been disappointed….

So watch for my updates as I explore the ways in which dance, especially with a partner, can provide opportunities to reveal how we ‘show up’ in the world.  I hope you’ll be as surprised and intrigued as I have been so far!







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