Bucket List Update

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Last spring, this was me – fulfilling one of my top bucket list items. Other than having my kids, it still ranks as one of the most awesome experiences of my life. Over the Easter weekend this year, I was talking to my youngest daughter about said bucket list, and she was curious about what else was on it. She encouraged me to write it down and I did. Wow, it was much longer than I thought it was going to be! This spurred me to consider how I might actually experience as much of what was on the list as I could before I moved on to whatever is next.



I organized the list into three categories:

  • what I want to do
  • musicians and artists I want to see
  • where I want to visit

Intentional is my middle name, so I am hoping this will allow me to attack the items on the list with the deliberateness required to check as many of them off before I check out. I figure it is also an opportunity to let my friends and family (and the universe) know what I am hoping for, in the event they want to help. I expect this list to be fluid and grow. The more attentive I am to the possibilities, the more regularly I will add to it. I already have.

When I was younger, I went to a lot of concerts. There was an outdoor amphitheater near Detroit where I spent many evenings, singing along with some of the greatest musicians of the 60s and 70s. As I was considering who I had yet to see, Aretha Franklin came to mind immediately. She was number one on my “to see” list and amazingly, but not surprisingly, the very next day there was an announcement in our local paper that she was coming to Milwaukee June 3rd. Thank you Universe!

If there are things you know you really want to experience, I hope you join me and get started. Daily life will always serve as the excuse for not reaching for what you desire. Don’t let it.

BTW… there are only 4 items left in the category of “what I want to do”:

  • meet Bob Uecker
  • be in a Milwaukee Brewer racing sausage race
  • be a back up singer/dancer for a Motown review band
  • be a grandma

Only my kids can help me with the last one but I am actively working on the others myself. Stay tuned…

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