Areas of Concern – they ARE different!

I can’t say that I had much of an appreciation for the different roles and varied concerns that a man and a woman bring to the dance until I paid closer attention to the wise words of my instructor.  As we danced together on a very warm Monday afternoon, I attempted to be a much more attentive observer of myself – what I was thinking, feeling and how I was ‘dancing’.  What was remarkable to me was the degree to which I was so concerned about

     – am I doing this right?

     – am I making this as easy on him as possible?

     – do I look foolish?

To say that this mirrors the way in which I often find myself behaving day to day would be pretty accurate.  For a woman who views herself as pretty self confident and bold, this was a shock!  Was the way I danced with a partner a reflection of how I engaged with others off the dance floor?

According to my dance partner, men’s greatest challenge when ‘dancing’ with a partner is their ego.  “I need to take charge”, “If I hold her tight, she will know where I am going”, “I must look like I know what I am doing”. 

Does this resonate with your relationship with your significant other?  How about at work – does this come up?






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