A Blessing for Yourself


Here is the Midwest, it is most definitely winter.  The trees are standing naked in the cold, collecting snow on their branches.  It is a stark yet beautiful time, and one that reminds us that seasons, and just about everything else in our lives, come and go.  And while we know this to be true, we often push against it in ways that only bring us suffering.  It is easy, when we are dealing with the challenges of living our lives in the snow and cold, to expend great energy complaining about all sorts of things that we cannot control. 

Recently, I re-listened to an interview with Sylvia Boorstein, a celebrated Jewish-Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist. In it she talked about this idea that everything passes, and that if we understand this, we are mandated not to waste any time with enmity or negativity or grudges. What would happen if instead, we focused our attention on NOT complicating things for ourselves by struggling with what we cannot change?  If we could be more at ease with “what is”, in order to allow us to react to situations that arise with more clarity and consideration?

Do yourself a kindness by not messing with your own mind by being unkind, or having negative thoughts.  Try to be aware of those times when you are thinking clearly and ask yourself if this is connected in any way with how kind you are being to yourself or others.  And if you believe that living kindly, with a good heart, is a path to greater happiness, cultivate this practice by blessing yourself in some way everyday…

“May I feel safe.” 

     “May I feel content.”

          “May I feel strong.”

               “May I live with ease.”



One thought on “A Blessing for Yourself

  1. I love the notion of living with ease. I can see myself so often "inserting" myself into life rather than easing along with it.
    Thanks for those words!

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